National Nurse Practitioner Week- Navneet Strickland

National Nurse Practitioner Week- Navneet Strickland

As National Nurse Practitioner Week is wrapping up I wanted to recognize Navneet an amazing mom and passionate NP:

Navneet Strickland
Detroit, Michigan
Pain Nurse Practitioner
FNP-BC, PMGT-BC,ONC,CA (certifications)
MSN (Masters in Nursing)





Check out what Navneet has to saying about her role as mom and her role as a NP:


What being a mom means to me:
What a being mom means to me is to first carry out my role as God has led me to. That is to be a teacher, nurture, instill and guide toward having faith in Jesus. I have been given the opportunity to be part of my son's life and I do not take that for granted. To watch him and help him succeed in life while I am behind him every step of the way is what being a mom means to me!

Life as a NP:
Number one reason I enjoy being a nurse practitioner ( always a nurse first!) is because I can’t think of a better way to serve God. I get to come across all walks of life who are vulnerable enough to trust me to take care of them. My journey in nursing has humbled me yet made me strong. Everyday is not fun and can be super tiring but where else can you hear a mother giving birth and a patient leaving their place on earth with respect and dignity in one day?

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